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Wise Folder Hider 4.34

Make your files and folders invisible to prying eyes and encrypt your data

Privacy is gradually becoming more of a concern than ever. There are ways of disguising your valuable data to keep prying eyes away from them, but that will not stop professional hackers from stealing or erasing your most sensitive files. Wise Folder Hider provides you with a simple yet highly efficient way to hide from sight any file, folder, or entire USB drive, and even encrypt them using a dual password protection system.

Hiding a file or folder using Wise Folder Hider couldn’t be simpler or more effective. As soon as you drop a file or folder onto the program’s main interface, the program will remove from your Windows Explorer any trace of the items you decided to hide. Before getting to this interface, you will have to protect the program itself with a strong password that can be reset if you happen to lose or forget it.

Hiding files or folders individually on a USB driver is not possible – you have to hide the entire drive, which is surely safer, but also a bit more annoying. Files and folders on other drives can be hid and protected in a snap, and you can add extra levels of protection by adding an individual password to each file or folder, or by creating a locker to encrypt your most valuable files. You can create as many lockers as you wish, and not necessarily on your hard drive. You can use removable drives to lock your files and thus save disk space, and apply a different password to each locker if you want to be extra cautious.

Wise Folder Higher is simple and efficient, which is everything anyone looks for when thinking of a software tool to protect our sensitive documents, video and audio files, images, etc. This is a free tool, and it does work like a charm.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Hides all selected files and folders from view effectively
  • Hides entire USB drives
  • Modify your hidden files without unhiding them
  • Offers a two-level password protection


  • Does not hide individual files or folders on USB drives
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