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Hide private files, photos, videos, and other personal data from your PC
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Wise Folder Hider helps you protect your privacy by concealing sensitive data from prying eyes. This tool comes in handy in situations in which you share your computer with other users, as it sometimes happens at home or certain workplaces. Although formatting a disk using NTFS allows you to set file and folder permissions in Windows, the security of your data is still vulnerable to anyone with administrator privileges. Wise Folder Hider uses its own encryption and a different password, which makes it harder for unauthorized people to break into your files.

The tool has a nice interface, which anyone can use without much trouble. Luckily, the process of opening a file for editing or viewing is simplified, as the program automatically takes care of hiding the file back. Likewise, if you drag and drop an item onto its interface, it becomes hidden. Another way is by using the contextual menu, thanks to its integration into Windows shell.

There are multiple applications with a similar purpose that are based on the same idea behind Wise Folder Hider. However, the tool being reviewed has some features that are worth considering. In my opinion, the possibility to use two protection levels is crucial for adding extra security. This means that, in addition to setting a master password to access the application, you can also use specific passwords for each of the hidden files and folders. Moreover, if you fear that anyone can reverse protection by uninstalling the program, you should know that the product cannot be uninstalled without the right password. Another feature that deserves mentioning is that Wise Folder Hider can hide information on not only hard disks but USB storage devices as well. Just think of the importance of preserving the integrity of your data in the event you lost a USB drive.

In fewer words, Wise Folder Hider is an excellent option in terms of securing and hiding your files and folders. It works just as expected. Unfortunately, unlike other similar tools available, this one cannot create a hidden virtual drive. Finally, be aware that the product has two versions, one that is free and has a few limitations, and the pro version, with some additional features and a cost.

Pedro Castro
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  • Two different passwords for each level
  • Cannot be uninstalled without a password
  • Uses strong encryption algorithms
  • Supports drag-and-drop operations
  • Accessible from the contextual menu
  • Automatic re-hiding of closed items


  • No hidden virtual drive
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